VIDEO (Italian)

The territory of Paulilatino in Sardinia has been inhabited since prenuragico period, and continued to be popular especially during Nuragic and even during the Punic and Roman, but age nuraghic remain important evidence in the territory of Paulilatino, in fact there are scattered over a hundred nuraghi, besides the very important site of Santa Cristina, which testify to the importance and the attendance of the territory of Paulilatino even in antiquity.
The documentary explores the myths and cults of the territory in Nuragic.
Produced in 2008 by the Archaeological Museum of Ethnography-Palace of Paulilatino Atzori, director Rossella Sapio, music Rosella Clementi, production and post-production Cromovideo Audiovisual E-Motion, editing and graphics Marco Semproni.