Attoppa a Paule


festival of typical products, culture and local tradition

After the very successful first edition of May 2018, the organizers of the event, organized within the now completed Municipal Civil Service project, decided to set up the association " Attoppa a Paule!" (let's meet at Paulilatino)  which has as its purpose the valorization of Paulilatino through a festival of typical products, local culture and tradition, the second edition which will showcase the products of the agri-food, breeding, handicrafts and will allow guests to taste the genuine products of the Paulese territory in addition to making history, traditions and customs known, it will take place on the weekend of8 and 9 June 2019 . An appointment you can't miss! 

clicking on the following link it will be possible to see the promo video of the event published by the association on social facebook: